Funerals & Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do when someone dies?

If death occurs in the hospital, contact us 01782 315437 

If death occurs at home, contact your doctor or the paramedics first then contact us.

If death occurs in a nursing home, make sure the staff have contacted a doctor first, then contact us. 

If death occurs suddenly/unexpectedly contact the paramedics/emergency doctor or police, as the coroner will be involved, then contact us. If someone dies away from home or abroad, contact us. 

How do I register a death?

You will need to contact the bereavement office at the hospital or the Deceased's GPs surgery, they will forward a medical certificate to the Registrar's office, and send cremation forms to us.

You will need to contact the Registrar's office either by telephone or online to book an appointment to register the death, our local registrar is at the Civic Centre Stoke.

Following the appointment, the green certificate can be requested by the family to be emailed to the Funeral Director.

What happens if the Coroner is involved?

You can provisionally meet with us, and start to make the funeral arrangements, but nothing can be confirmed until the coroner has completed his procedures and has released the deceased for burial or cremation.

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